Not Only a Fishing Story

Title/Original Title: Not Only a Fishing Story

Running Time: 80 Minutes

Story, Script, Direction, Edit and Cinematography: Adit Dewan

Producer: Adit Dewan, Arnab Dewan, Jaheen Faruque Amin, Robiul Alam Robi

Co-Producer: Barkat Hossain Polash

Production Company: Felim Productions in association with Micronarrative Productions and Studio Cowbell

Main Cast: Sourav Chakma, Prodip Chakma, Sujala Chakma, Sanjana Chakma, Robi Sundar Chakma


Set up in an indigenous community, a boy and his parents live in a contradictory reality when the parents work to survive in the market based economy and remember the old days of subsistence economy. Meanwhile a group of fishermen catch fish and a group of ants collect food.

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