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  • OMMI

In the near future, beyond the neon cityscape of Dhaka, Bangladesh lies a desolate ship graveyard home to outcasts. In this mysterious and dangerous place, a reclusive but expert techie named Ravi, hides out.

Ravi has been commissioned to create a child which exists in virtual reality. He teams up with a talented digital artist named Sammy, to bring this child to life. They give their creation artificial intelligence (AI). They call him Ommi.

Ommi has one purpose: to track down online criminals who threaten the safety of children. As he becomes more aware, he appears to think and feel just like a human child. As a family bond builds between the boy and his creators, Ravi and Sammy are faced with a moral dilemma: can they wilfully send their AI child into the Darknet?

Time is running out as a dangerous anti-tech terrorist group closes in on Ommi’s creators, forcing Ommi to take a decision that will change his fate, that of his family – and of us all.

Directed by Amit Ashraf

Genre: Science Fiction/Thriller.

Duration: 90 minutes. Production Companies: FoR Films (UK), Kazi House Production (Bangladesh)

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